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From the beginning of creation, “production” has been the first need that humans understood and sought to meet. The cavemen who caved and polished hard rocks and used them as their hunting or other means for their life until this time conquering the space and capturing computers and other inventions , human being has became more greedy and more productive to produce. The transformation of discoveries and inventions in the field of production, flies the bird of life happiness always over the head of a person or more deserved groups. In production, quality and new technologies have a high status. In this current knowledge-based world, along with information, quality of manufactured goods is known as a prerequisite and key.
Based on the experience gained, organizations and factories should also pay attention to the innovation and quality of goods in addition to accelerating the effective activities and other features in production. Because quality and desirability of the manufactured goods is the best seed for raising and increasing capital, as well as the best insurance for selling the goods both inside and outside the country. Production without regarding these two important points, on the basis of thought and with no access to modern knowledge will lead to harmful and devastating effects. Now, with all of this, we have tried to help the Almighty God in 2011 to become a revolutionary executive in rugs and floor coverings industry and business. Zarbaf company with regard to consumer tastes and respect for their rights as well as developments in textile industry in the field of using artificial fibers and yarns, such as polyester yarns produced by air texturing system, decided to attract the customer’s satisfaction. One of the major reasons that the company has been using these yarns in its products is the superiority of product quality, which includes durability, elegance and color variation. Because the air texturing system uses polyester pure raw materials, while recycled PETs are used in previous spinning systems, and also, given that the production of air texturing yarns are in the shape of filament yarns, so it delivers special smoothness and elegance to the floor coverings. We will also try to increase the quality and beauty of our products.

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